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by Tracy posted Aug 23 2013 5:17PM

Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman in the sequel to Man of Steel, the latest attempt to make Superman relevant again.  I haven't seen the movie, but the reviews I read were not good, ranging from the movie is mediocre to this is the worst thing I've ever seen to you are killing my childhood.  One could argue that no matter how good your movie is, if its about a beloved superhero, you are screwed.  
Except for Batman.  Now granted, there are some truly horrible Batman movies out there.  George Clooney has apologized for Batman and Robin numerous times, but I still can't forget those rubber nipples.  But the latest iteration of Batman, the Christopher Nolan era, if you will, those movies are seriously among my favorite movies.   I just watched The Dark Knight Rises on Wednesday for the tenth time it seems like and the other two are on frequent rotation in my household.  Which leads me to my problem with casting Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman:  Its too soon.  
Ben Affleck is a talented actor.  I've liked everything I've seen him in (I have avoided bombs like Gigli like the plague).  I was rooting for him to win for Argo all awards season long.  But I think that having another Batman, this soon after such an iconic trilogy was released seems like jumping the gun.  Granted, the new Superman script hasn't even been written yet, its not set to go into production until sometime next year and won't hit theaters until 2015, but it still feels like too soon.  By the time the new movie hits the theaters, The Dark Knight Rises will be three years old.  Is that enough time to forget, or at least distance myself from the Nolan era Batman?  I don't think so.  But, who knows, maybe I'll change my mind in July 2015.
In the meantime, the fanboys are going nuts over this news.  Check out some of the freakouts:

he last one is my favorite.  Even politicians are getting involved!
What do you think?  Is Ben Affleck a good choice for Batman?  Is it too soon to have a new Batman?  Do you have better things to do than obsess about Batman?

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08/23/2013 5:17PM
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