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I’ve lived in several states like Texas, Maryland and Wisconsin but when I came out to California for college and met my husband in the Napa Valley I married him and never left!  I’m most proud of the three amazing kids I’ve managed not to screw up and I love seeing where life is taking them as they move into adulthood.  But other things that make me happy include running half-marathons, bike riding, and BBQ’s in the summer. 
Then there’s this whole radio thing – I’ve had such a great time connecting with the listeners and making their day by playing a great song, sharing relatable stories about what I’ve seen, heard or read and  especially being able to tell them they’ve won a fabulous prize from one of our contests!  Every day is unpredictable and I’m thankful we can experience our days together on Napa Valley’s Sauvignon Rock.

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Posts from June 2013
by CJ on THE VINE posted Jun 28 2013 10:22AM

Ready For The Weekend!

It's the weekend before July 4th and the weather couldn't be better!  Neither can the music right now on Napa Valley's Savuignon Rock!  What are your plans for the 4th? -cj on THE VINE

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by CJ on THE VINE posted Jun 27 2013 12:04PM


We've got tickets to the Robert Mondavi Summer Concerts ... and you could win tickets to all of them - join THE VINE Club!

Smartest Cities in America - The Bay Area is in the top 10 but not #1!
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by CJ on THE VINE posted Jun 25 2013 1:35PM

Should Parents Break The Rules?

I have a confession .... as a parent I've broken the rules on more than one occasion.  And I'm OK with it.  The latest examples:  Co-signing on a loan for my daughter, and financing repairs on her car.  I never imagined I'd ever co-sign on a loan for anyone, let alone a child but here's how it all came down.  My daughter was set to graduate from U.C. Davis and head to Memphis where's she been hired by Teach For America. She has completed her education without school loans, working many hours a week, at times overnight and full time to cover expenses.  But once she began her training in Memphis, she would have no income until the end of August.  TFA covers food and lodging, but anything above those basics wouldn't be included, such as going out, purchasing school supplies for the students she's working with, etc.  So I broke the rules.  I told her to apply for a loan to cover her living expenses until she got her first paycheck.  Yep, I instructed her to go through the process of applying through a bank, arranging direct payments, making a budget of how much she would need to get through the summer, and have enough left over for renting an apartment.  The bank, unimpressed with the promise of revenue coming from her first job at the end of summer, said they needed a co-signer.  So, yes, I co-signed.  So far she's made payments on time, and is even checking her balance on a regular basis. She's making decisions about extra-curriculars and how much she'll need to get into her first apartment. 

Financing the repairs on her car may not be as justifiable.  I mean, she has blown the head gasket on three cars, after all.  I hope she's  finally learned that she needs to check the oil, water and temperature on a car regularly, understanding that ignoring those issues won't resolve the problem.  But you know, my daughter left school a week early, missed her graduation to fly out to Memphis to begin her training.  I decided fixing her car was just going to be a gift of grace.  And a graduation present.

My hope is that the support and faith I show in my kids will give them the strength and courage to follow their own path and believe in themselves enough to pursue their dreams and passion.  And maybe breaking the rules once in a while can actually be a good thing!

What about you - have you broken any rules lately?

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by CJ on THE VINE posted Jun 20 2013 11:39AM

Making Roommates Work

So my daughters are striking out on their own around the same time and will soon have the joy of sharing their living space with someone other than family.  Yep, they're gonna get roommates!  I've had a variety of roommates starting at age 15 until I completed college at 22.  I haven't said too much to my daughters about what it's like - they haven't particularly paid attention to much of my advice about keeping their room straightened or picking up after themselves around the house.  I figured the sweetest revenge was waiting until someone else called them out on their stuff - thus allowing me to come out on the better end of things! 

Some of my roommate experiences have been great - giving me the chance to make some lasting friendships and the opportunity to learn about other cultures like Egypt and Hawaii - while others have been a real disaster - like the one roommate who used to snore loudly in-between conversations in her sleep with Captian Kirk and Spock from Star Trek.  One roommate introduced me to my husband and was my maid of honor - so that turned out rather well! 

If I were to give my kids any advice I would tell them to respect the boundaries of the space they share but to also speak up if something is bothering them ... a life lesson they can use in many other situations and relationships.

But I'm sure you've got some great tips to share - so weigh in - what's your best roommate advice?

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