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Deliciously Dumb

by Tracy posted Sep 27 2013 5:11PM

I've been noticing a trend over the past few years.  Well, make that two trends.  The first one is the health food craze that has been gaining momentum throughout the majority of my lifetime and may be peaking with the indication that kale dried in an oven is an acceptable replacement for chips.  This is not true in my opinion, if only because every time I have tried to make kale chips in my own oven, I have managed to produce something so foul I practically need a HAZMAT suit to dispose of them.  I don't really understand my problem, the recipe is straight forward enough.  Chop kale, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake until browned.  How hard is that?  But the end result has been awful every time, which gives me the sneaking suspicion that kale is really just awful and I am not that terrible of a cook.  If anyone can prove me wrong on either front, please let me know.  And please don't get me started on my adventures with quinoa, its does not have a happy ending.
But this post isn't about eating healthy, it actually the exact opposite.  See, the other trend I've been noticing is the extreme food trend.  Or trying to make an already unhealthy item as unhealthy as possible.  It started with fried Twinkies and has been getting bigger (and more artery clogging) ever since. 

The most recent addition to this trend comes from those geniuses over at Jack In The Box.  Its called the Late Night Munchie Menu and it sounds amazing in the worst possible way.  Every meal comes with two tacos (which my husband calls shi-tacos for obvious reasons, yet he loves them) and halfsie fries, which are half curly fries and half regular fries.  Already genius.  I love me some curly fries.  I'm a bit of a curly fry connoisseur.  I can tell you who has the best (Arby's) and the worst (anything frozen) and rank everything in between.  Jack In The Box comes in second on the curly fry hierarchy.  But sometimes, I want a regular fry too.  Whichever I order, I pretty much want the other, so this  halfsie thing is a brilliant idea.  
But the entrees, oh the entrees.  They are truly a inspired.  There's a Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger that has a grilled cheese sandwich in the bun.  A Brunch Burger that not only has a burger and bacon, but also a fried egg and hash brown.  The Loaded Nuggets, which take already fried chicken and douses them in two kinds of cheese and bacon.  And the Exploding Cheesy Chicken, which is also covered in cheese, but has the distinction of having mozzarella sticks in between the layers of cheesy chicken.  
Hungry yet?  Feel the need to go for a jog after reading those descriptions?  I honestly can't decide which way to feel about these meal options.  The rational, logical side of me is thinking "Wow, that's a lot of fat and cholesterol and salt and everything bad for me with nary a vegetable in sight,"  While the college student in me is thinking "Holy crap I must eat all of that now and potatoes are a vegetable so it totally counts as healthy right?"  So which side do I indulge?
Well, Jack In The Box has pretty much made that decision for me.  See, the Late Night Munchie Meal is just that, a meal you can only get late at night.  Obviously geared towards college kids and those that can't quite manage to squash their inner college student, you can only get the meals between 9 pm and 5:30 am.  This is not a convenient time period for me.  Have I mentioned I have a toddler (What?  I mention it in every post?  How lame!)?  I do.  And, given my on air schedule (weeknights 6-10 pm, Sundays 3-7 pm), once I am off work, all I want to do is go home and relax for an hour before heading to bed early(ish) so I can face another day of frantic toddler chasing.  I am not heading to Jack In The Box on my way home from work.  For one thing, I'm tired and for another, its not on my way home.  And my poor hubs is just as tired as I am, so I don't have the heart to send him out to get food that will ultimately make us feel like crap.  I suppose we could probably managed to check it out on the weekend, but do I want to spend part of my weekend recovering from a Late Night Munchie Meal?  Ugh.  Thanks Jack In The Box, now you have made me feel old.  Where's that kale?  
What do you think?  Will you try a Late Night Munchie Meal?  Which one?  And can I have your fries?  And maybe a bite?  Or two?

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09/27/2013 5:11PM
Deliciously Dumb
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