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Hi, I'm Tracy,
Like most of the Vine DJs, I've been all over, living in South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas and more in my life.  I settled in Napa about ten years ago and have managed to plant a few little roots in my time here.  I've been working at The Vine for ten years as well and have covered almost every shift, but I like the nights best!  The best way to describe working at the Vine is that its like a family.  And in my case, that's not just a metaphor.  I met my husband here and we work together every day.  We also bring our baby, Violet (she's the one in the picture), and sometimes our dog, Cooper, to work with us every day.  If you come to my office, you will have to step over board books and dog beds!  When we're not at work, we like to go for long walks, watch movies and play in the garden.  I've also got a bit of an obsession with entertainment gossip, which tends to pop up a lot in my show!  But mostly, I just like playing Sauvignon Rock!

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Do Minions Do Dishes?

by Tracy posted Aug 2 2013 4:49PM
Dear Blog Readers,
I'm a busy lady.  I've got lots of balls to juggle, knives in the fire, other metaphors that mean I'm tired and have a teething one year old.  So, I'm going to attempt the unthinkable:  I'm going on vacation.  Not a long vacation, mind you, but long enough to require some people to fill in for me.  I've drafted the following help wanted ad:

Oh how I wish I had drafted this ad, but the geniuses over at Cheezburger.com have that honor.

And no, I probably don't need minions, but if they are as cute as the ones in Despicable Me, I want them anyway!  Do minions do laundry or just take over the world stuff?  Because I've got piles of laundry to do before attempting to leave town and a minion could really come in handy.  
I say attempt to leave town because we have been trying to vacation all summer and haven't managed to leave town yet.  But, its only August, so we're still in that summer window.  
Wish me luck!

Yes Sad kitty, I will be back on Wednesday.  Enjoy your weekend!

08/02/2013 4:49PM
Do Minions Do Dishes?
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