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There are reasons we all like to wake up to Good Morning Bob...he's one of the most charming, funny and original people you're ever likely to meet or hear on the radio.  Hailing from New Hampshire, he followed his dreams of being a surfer to sunny California and he quickly made those dreams a reality.  Ever the adventurous spirit, he's become known as "Adventure Bob" as well, due to his penchant for scaling walls, jumping out of planes, traversing white waters and of course, catching waves.  In his "spare time"  he plays bass for the extremely popular Bay Area surf band "The Deadlies", who among other things, can be seen and heard every Saturday night as the house band for TV 20's Creepy Kofy Movie Time. Combine Bob's easy way with people, his quick wit and his obvious 'gift of gab' and you've found yourself the perfect morning show host.

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Posts from July 2013
by Bob posted Jul 26 2013 9:12AM
Party safely!
by Bob posted Jul 26 2013 7:41AM
GMB and Free Stuff Friday, Already gave 2 passes to "Hunk" at Twin Pine Casino and 2 passes to Ladies night at The Uptown Theatre Napa...Up next...Kenny Loggins tix Sometime before 8am break....Good Luck!
by Bob posted Jul 26 2013 6:37AM
TGIF! It's Freewheelin' Friday...Nothin' but love and Free Stuff! Plus astology with Anne and Ira C Smith with with Your sports Round-up!
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People : Anne SmithIra C Smith
by Bob posted Jul 22 2013 7:04AM
Here goes another beautiful week in the Napa Valley....Let start it off with some good vibes and Good Morning Bob!
This morning it's "Napa Valley This Week" with Shauna Marshall and a Porchfest Spotlight!
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People : Shauna Marshall
by Bob posted Jul 19 2013 6:35AM
TGIF! Here go's the start to a beautiful weekend in the Napa Valley! Today's show is packed with fun and guests...Starting with The Dude,Jeff Bridges at 7:15..Astrology with Anne at 8:15 and Ira C Smith with Sports Round-up at 8:35..... Let the weekend Begin!
by Bob posted Jul 18 2013 6:38AM
We take offf wth Mindi...Than Jeff Bridges"The Dude" straight into Marlene Cades for Hotline to the High Self..followed by Adoptable pet of the week with Wendy and Kelly! :) Now that's a great way to start the day! Lets Roll....!
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by Bob posted Jul 17 2013 6:25AM
It's time for GMB... Lets all start with a smile on our face and a bit of love to share with the world...Lets Rock! :)
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by Bob posted Jul 16 2013 8:35AM
Jeff Bridges will be dropping by "GMB" Thursday and Friday at 7:15am to tell us all about his newest film "RIPD" and his Concert at the Uptown Theatre on Aug 2nd with "Jeff Bridges and the Abiders" .... as well as ..The Dude!

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