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Michael Franti Creates Do It for the Love Foundation

Michael Franti is looking to spread a little love through his music -- and through his newly launched charity, the Do It for the Love Foundation.

Franti and his life partner Sara Agah came up with the idea for the foundation after meeting a fan namedSteve Dezember, who's living in the latter stages of Lou Gehrig's Disease. In the vein of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Do It for the Love will arrange for concert experiences that will provide tickets as well as face to face meetings with artists.

Michael says, “I came very close to dying when my appendix ruptured, and Sara works as an E.R. nurse who sees people in life-threatening situations every shift. We’ve seen people in great need, and both of us have witnessed how small moments of joy can bring inspiration and hope to them. After meeting the Dezembers, we were inspired to create Do It for the Love to bring people those moments.”

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