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Hi, I'm Tracy,
Like most of the Vine DJs, I've been all over, living in South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas and more in my life.  I settled in Napa about ten years ago and have managed to plant a few little roots in my time here.  I've been working at The Vine for ten years as well and have covered almost every shift, but I like the nights best!  The best way to describe working at the Vine is that its like a family.  And in my case, that's not just a metaphor.  I met my husband here and we work together every day.  We also bring our baby, Violet (she's the one in the picture), and sometimes our dog, Cooper, to work with us every day.  If you come to my office, you will have to step over board books and dog beds!  When we're not at work, we like to go for long walks, watch movies and play in the garden.  I've also got a bit of an obsession with entertainment gossip, which tends to pop up a lot in my show!  But mostly, I just like playing Sauvignon Rock!

Email me at tracy@kvyn.com.

Posts from September 2013
by Tracy posted Sep 27 2013 5:11PM

I've been noticing a trend over the past few years.  Well, make that two trends.  The first one is the health food craze that has been gaining momentum throughout the majority of my lifetime and may be peaking with the indication that kale dried in an oven is an acceptable replacement for chips.  This is not true in my opinion, if only because every time I have tried to make kale chips in my own oven, I have managed to produce something so foul I practically need a HAZMAT suit to dispose of them.  I don't really understand my problem, the recipe is straight forward enough.  Chop kale, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake until browned.  How hard is that?  But the end result has been awful every time, which gives me the sneaking suspicion that kale is really just awful and I am not that terrible of a cook.  If anyone can prove me wrong on either front, please let me know.  And please don't get me started on my adventures with quinoa, its does not have a happy ending.
But this post isn't about eating healthy, it actually the exact opposite.  See, the other trend I've been noticing is the extreme food trend.  Or trying to make an already unhealthy item as unhealthy as possible.  It started with fried Twinkies and has been getting bigger (and more artery clogging) ever since. 

The most recent addition to this trend comes from those geniuses over at Jack In The Box.  Its called the Late Night Munchie Menu and it sounds amazing in the worst possible way.  Every meal comes with two tacos (which my husband calls shi-tacos for obvious reasons, yet he loves them) and halfsie fries, which are half curly fries and half regular fries.  Already genius.  I love me some curly fries.  I'm a bit of a curly fry connoisseur.  I can tell you who has the best (Arby's) and the worst (anything frozen) and rank everything in between.  Jack In The Box comes in second on the curly fry hierarchy.  But sometimes, I want a regular fry too.  Whichever I order, I pretty much want the other, so this  halfsie thing is a brilliant idea.  
But the entrees, oh the entrees.  They are truly a inspired.  There's a Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger that has a grilled cheese sandwich in the bun.  A Brunch Burger that not only has a burger and bacon, but also a fried egg and hash brown.  The Loaded Nuggets, which take already fried chicken and douses them in two kinds of cheese and bacon.  And the Exploding Cheesy Chicken, which is also covered in cheese, but has the distinction of having mozzarella sticks in between the layers of cheesy chicken.  
Hungry yet?  Feel the need to go for a jog after reading those descriptions?  I honestly can't decide which way to feel about these meal options.  The rational, logical side of me is thinking "Wow, that's a lot of fat and cholesterol and salt and everything bad for me with nary a vegetable in sight,"  While the college student in me is thinking "Holy crap I must eat all of that now and potatoes are a vegetable so it totally counts as healthy right?"  So which side do I indulge?
Well, Jack In The Box has pretty much made that decision for me.  See, the Late Night Munchie Meal is just that, a meal you can only get late at night.  Obviously geared towards college kids and those that can't quite manage to squash their inner college student, you can only get the meals between 9 pm and 5:30 am.  This is not a convenient time period for me.  Have I mentioned I have a toddler (What?  I mention it in every post?  How lame!)?  I do.  And, given my on air schedule (weeknights 6-10 pm, Sundays 3-7 pm), once I am off work, all I want to do is go home and relax for an hour before heading to bed early(ish) so I can face another day of frantic toddler chasing.  I am not heading to Jack In The Box on my way home from work.  For one thing, I'm tired and for another, its not on my way home.  And my poor hubs is just as tired as I am, so I don't have the heart to send him out to get food that will ultimately make us feel like crap.  I suppose we could probably managed to check it out on the weekend, but do I want to spend part of my weekend recovering from a Late Night Munchie Meal?  Ugh.  Thanks Jack In The Box, now you have made me feel old.  Where's that kale?  
What do you think?  Will you try a Late Night Munchie Meal?  Which one?  And can I have your fries?  And maybe a bite?  Or two?

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by Tracy posted Sep 16 2013 1:12PM

It's here!  It's here!  It's finally here!  This week marks the beginning of the fall TV series and I for one am totally relieved!  Over the next few weeks, my favorite shows will return to prime time along with some new favorites (hopefully) and I couldn't be happier.  As a pop culture junkie, the summer months are a bit depressing.  As I have previously mentioned, I'm not a reality TV fan, nor am I a big fan of anti-hero shows.  The whole premise of Breaking Bad sounds very intriguing and the acting looks superb, but I just can't.  At the end of the day (or the beginning, I will get to that in a minute), I just want to laugh and be entertained, and watching a show about a man destroying his life and those around him by cooking meth just doesn't sound entertaining.  But everyone likes their own thing, I just happen to be a comedy kind of girl (with a soft spot for cheesy supernatural dramas.  Don't ask how many times I have watched every episode of Charmed, you wouldn't like the answer), so I am thrilled that my sitcoms are coming back.
Earlier this summer, I blogged about needing new shows to work out to since all of my favorites were on summer hiatus.  Now I'm faced with the opposite problem.  I'm about to have a plethora of TV to watch and very little time to watch it in.  See, the child is about to give up her morning nap, an event I've been dreading more than puberty (mostly because it is eminent and puberty is a good 11 years or so away), I am now forced to get up early and work out before she wakes up.  And I am not a morning person.  Back when we were dating, my husband and I nearly called it quits because he wakes up at the crack of dawn and wants to do things like talk to me.  My words don't really kick in until 9 AM or so.  Needless to say, arguments were had, things were thrown and compromises were made.  So getting me out of bed at the crack of dawn (or 6 AM, which ever comes first) and then expecting me to exercise is quite a lofty goal.  One that I do not always accomplish.  Hence the whole lacking time to watch all of the TV shows I am so excitedly counting down the hours to complaint.   
Why not just watch TV around the child you may ask?  Well, not long after she was born, I made the lofty goal of not letting her watch TV until she was two.  I should mention that I made this goal in the summer when nothing good was on and it was easy to keep.  I was in a haze of sleep deprived good intentions that are not realistic, but I made the mistake of mentioning it to too many people, so now I've got to stick to it.  Again, not an issue in the summer.  But its almost fall.  And, while last year the child wasn't paying attention to much beyond eating and pooping, this year, she notices when the TV is on.  So, in order to save face and live up to my lofty ideals, I can't watch TV with the toddler in the room.  This isn't just affecting me.  Even my TV eschewing husband is feeling the loss of his lazy football Sundays.  Come Super Bowl time, I may cave.  But it won't be because of my beloved sitcoms.  At least, not yet.
And so, thanks to modern technology and my desire for entertainment while I sweat, I need to make some choices.  Which shows do I watch the day after they air and which ones do I save for when the other shows are on hiatus?  How will the new shows stack up to my favorites?  Will The Agents Of S.H.E.I.L.D. really live up to the hype, or will it start strong then become another Heroes?  I watched every episode of that show, hoping it would return to its former glory, but it never did.  Will switching cable providers ruin my schedule and force me to -gasp- watch TV shows when they actually air?  I'm not sure my marriage could survive that!  So many questions and no time to answer them because the child has awoken from what may be one of her last morning naps (sob) and is demanding sustenance.  Are you excited for the new TV season?  What shows are you most excited to see?
by Tracy posted Sep 10 2013 11:38AM
There's nothing like the internet to make one feel like the most gullible sucker on the planet.  I tend to be pretty gullible anyway (something my husband loves to exploit), but the internet can make even the biggest conspiracy theorist look like a fool.  Case in point:  "The Worst Twerk Fail EVER" video on You Tube.  I still haven't figured out how to embed video on this blog, but you can check it out here if you somehow managed to miss it.  (How's that rock you live under?  Comfy?)  Anyway, I posted this video on the Vine Facebook page (haven't liked us yet?  You should, we give away free stuff!  Check it out!) last week.  I wasn't the only one posting the video either, its gotten over 9 million views and counting and was the topic of conversation on numerous talk shows and at dinners all over the country.  Even my husband, who tends to dismiss viral videos as stupid things people who have to much time on their hands make for people to waste time watching, had seen it.  It had everything, a current dance craze, destruction of property, and fire!  Plus, no one got hurt, so you didn't have to feel all icky about laughing.  It was a total win-win situation.
But it was FAKE!!!!!  Jimmy Kimmel revealed on his show last night that he and a stunt woman had created the video a few months ago (pre-Miley twerking at the VMA's even) and quietly released it on the internet to see what happened.  Here's the whole reveal.  
So now I'm not sure how to feel.  Duped, tricked, gullible, stupid.  Why can't I be one of those people who can spot a fake video on first view?  On the other hand, I don't think I woudl want to be one of those people.  I mean, if the video or picture in entertaining enough, who cares if its fake?  It still made me laugh!  Maybe I should go hang out with this guy.  He seems to get me.

by Tracy posted Sep 3 2013 4:55PM
Must remember to do this before my toddler gets old enough to remember it happening.   Of course, then I would have to get rid of all the pictures of her from the past year.  Hmm... maybe the next kid.  I'll need to do some more planning. 
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