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Hi, I'm Tracy,
Like most of the Vine DJs, I've been all over, living in South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas and more in my life.  I settled in Napa about ten years ago and have managed to plant a few little roots in my time here.  I've been working at The Vine for ten years as well and have covered almost every shift, but I like the nights best!  The best way to describe working at the Vine is that its like a family.  And in my case, that's not just a metaphor.  I met my husband here and we work together every day.  We also bring our baby, Violet (she's the one in the picture), and sometimes our dog, Cooper, to work with us every day.  If you come to my office, you will have to step over board books and dog beds!  When we're not at work, we like to go for long walks, watch movies and play in the garden.  I've also got a bit of an obsession with entertainment gossip, which tends to pop up a lot in my show!  But mostly, I just like playing Sauvignon Rock!

Email me at tracy@kvyn.com.

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by Tracy Webster posted Jun 11 2014 11:12AM
I've been noticing a trend lately that simultaneously makes me happy and feel old at the same time:  the resurrection of my childhood in shiny new digital packaging.  While nineties nostalgia has been running rampant for the past few years (once we had beat everything eighties into the ground once again), I'm noticing more and more of the TV shows I watched as a kid are being revived.  This makes me happy and sad all at the same time.
The kid in me is excited to share Reading Rainbow and The Magic School Bus with my child once she gets old enough to appreciate them.  I kind of want to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (but will probably Netflix it because I can't make myself pay to see Michael Bay destroy another toy line from my childhood) and the new TV series is pretty cool.  My Little Pony is one of the coolest shows among the geeks and bronies.  The stuff I loved as a kid is back and its cool for grown ups to like it too!
But the other part of me feels a bit sad.  I'm sad because apparently there is no creativity out there anymore (at least, in the mainstream).  What made the Ninja Turtles so cool the first time was that they were a distinctly 80's creation.  No one in the 70's said tubular.  Reading Rainbow was a show filled with 80's and 90's kitsch and The Magic School Bus could only exist in the colorful mid 90's.  While all of those shows drew from older shows, comics and movies, they were new, not a retread to make parents feel like they could connect with their kids by sharing stuff from their childhood.  I remember sitting through all the movies my parents loved as kids.  They were not interesting to me.  They were cheesy.  I was bored. I wanted to go play with my My Little Ponies.    What if the reboot of The Magic School Bus turns out to be to my child what Beach Blanket Bingo was to me?  That would totally bum me out.  

So, while I will probably still make the child endure a few episodes of The Magic School Bus and Reading Rainbow. because Ms. Frizzle is amazing and Reading Rainbow is about books and she loves to read, if she doesn't like them, I'll cut my losses and check out another episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.  That show gets amazing guest stars and its unique to her generation.  And its not freaking Dora the (expletive deleted) Explorer, cause that chick drives me crazy.  
What do you think?  Are you happy to see the 90's kids shows come back?  Or were they better in the 90's?
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People : Michael Bay
by Tracy Webster posted Jun 6 2014 1:51PM
Happy Friday everyone!

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