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Hi, I'm Tracy,
Like most of the Vine DJs, I've been all over, living in South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas and more in my life.  I settled in Napa about ten years ago and have managed to plant a few little roots in my time here.  I've been working at The Vine for ten years as well and have covered almost every shift, but I like the nights best!  The best way to describe working at the Vine is that its like a family.  And in my case, that's not just a metaphor.  I met my husband here and we work together every day.  We also bring our baby, Violet (she's the one in the picture), and sometimes our dog, Cooper, to work with us every day.  If you come to my office, you will have to step over board books and dog beds!  When we're not at work, we like to go for long walks, watch movies and play in the garden.  I've also got a bit of an obsession with entertainment gossip, which tends to pop up a lot in my show!  But mostly, I just like playing Sauvignon Rock!

Email me at tracy@kvyn.com.

Posts from June 2013
by Tracy posted Jun 28 2013 4:57PM
I had a whole blog post written about the joys of renewing my Notary, but it was just too tedious for a hot Friday afternoon.  So instead, this is happening:

Happy Weekend!
by Tracy posted Jun 17 2013 3:15PM
I love summer.  I love summer weather (mostly).  I love summer movies.  I love summer picnics and swimming pools.   I love summer events. I don't even mind that I have to douse myself in sunscreen every day to protect my practically translucent hued skin.  I happily embrace pitfalls of summer.  There are white marks all over my clothes from either extra sunscreen or melted deodorant.  That is why most of my summer wardrobe is wash and wear.  That and I have a toddler.  My un-airconditioned house is as dark as midwinter most of the summer in a misguided attempt to keep it cool, but I don't care.  No, the only thing that bums me out about summer is summer TV.  Or rather, how crappy most summer TV is.
Let me explain.  There are two general forms of summer TV.  Trashy reality TV, which many find a fun respite from the seriousness of fall/winter lineup.  And the more serious stuff on cable.  Or as I like to call it: Emmy-bait.  I've never been able to get into reality TV.  Actually, I take that back, I have never allowed myself to get into reality TV.  I have a feeling that if I ever watch one episode of The Bachelorette or Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I would end up hooked and I love my husband too much to put him through that.  As for the more serious stuff, I don't know if I've mentioned this before (I have), but I have a toddler.  By the time she's in bed and I actually get to watch TV, I'm fried and can't catch the nuances that Mad Men requires of me.  All I can get from an episode of Mad Men is that Don Draper is a truly flawed individual and really unlikable, but gosh Jon Hamm is pretty!  And aren't the costumes great!  Why don't women dress like that anymore?  Oh yeah, really uncomfortable underwear.  But I digress.
Most summers, the lack of summer TV I like isn't an issue.  My husband isn't a big TV fan, so I like to give him the summer off before I force him into another season of Parks and Recreation.  I won't get into his aversion to TV here, because it would take too long and, even after being together for almost 10 years, I still don't really get it.  But this summer, I am feeling some major TV withdrawal.  See, I like to stay healthy.  And staying healthy means working out, which I don't love so much.  We walk a lot as a family, but I find that my body requires a bit more than that to stay in decent shape.  Which means toning and strength training.  Which I hate.  The only way I have found to motivate myself into working out is to save certain TV shows to only watch while working out.  During the winter, this is no problem.  My husband refuses to be in the same house when an episode of Glee is on, so I save it for my workouts.  There are a bunch of shows like that.  But I've now run out of winter shows to catch up on and am not finding any summer shows that catch my interest.  I also find it hard to get attached to a summer show since that's where the networks tend to put shows they accidently ordered and want to cancel but can't until they play all the episodes (looking at you Goodwin Games).  
So I need help.  I need a new show to work out to.  It should be somewhat light, since working out to torture scenes just isn't my thing (cough- Sons of Anarchy-cough).  I also need it to be half an hour long.  I don't know if I've mentioned this (I have), but I have a toddler.  And I tend to work out during her morning nap.  Which can last anywhere from an hour to three hours.  The problem is that I never know how long its going to last, so I can only devote half an hour a day at most to working out.  The rest of that time goes to showering and picking up her numerous toys and, oh yeah, doing my paying job.  I know I could watch half an episode during one workout and finish it the next, but I don't have that kind of will power.  I need a show that ends when I do.  Another restriction:  its got to be on basic cable, Netflix or Hulu.  We recently downgraded our cable package and now only have the basics (don't get me started on the Gilmore Girls rerun withdrawals on ABC Family I experienced.  It was bad.).  But we live in the information age, the technology age.  And that means that streaming shows are going to save me from reality TV hell/addiction.
So, any ideas?  It doesn't have to be a show that's currently on.  I'm more than happy to watch a show from ten years ago (I've watched every episode of Boy Meets World at least three times.  Sob- I miss you ABC Family!) as long as it fits my parameters.  In the mean time, I'll be streaming yet another rerun of Family Guy.    
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