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Like most of the Vine DJs, I've been all over, living in South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas and more in my life.  I settled in Napa about ten years ago and have managed to plant a few little roots in my time here.  I've been working at The Vine for ten years as well and have covered almost every shift, but I like the nights best!  The best way to describe working at the Vine is that its like a family.  And in my case, that's not just a metaphor.  I met my husband here and we work together every day.  We also bring our baby, Violet (she's the one in the picture), and sometimes our dog, Cooper, to work with us every day.  If you come to my office, you will have to step over board books and dog beds!  When we're not at work, we like to go for long walks, watch movies and play in the garden.  I've also got a bit of an obsession with entertainment gossip, which tends to pop up a lot in my show!  But mostly, I just like playing Sauvignon Rock!

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by Tracy posted Sep 12 2014 4:19PM

So, my house has been taken over by Frozen. I realize we are a little late to the party. When the movie came out last winter, the girl still wasn't allowed to watch TV, so we didn't take her to see it in the theaters. But I heard all about it from fellow mom friends. How they loved the movie, couldn't wait to find their daughter's an Elsa costume, then lamenting on how they couldn't find an Elsa costume, and oh my gosh isn't Olaf the cutest? I was tired of the movie before I ever saw it (which wasn't until it came out on video, because I'm cheap and rarely go to the movie theater).
Don't get me wrong, once I finally watched Frozen, I rather enjoyed it. Its beautifully animated, its got catchy tunes and a good message, what's not to like? But I wasn't obsessed with it. I showed it to my two year old one day when she was sick and she liked it, but didn't seem all that interested in it either. I, foolishly, thought I had dodged the whole Frozen craze. I just figured the girl was too young to get all excited about one movie and would probably get hooked on the next Disney extravaganza that comes out. I was wrong.
One Sunday afternoon, we asked the child which movie she wanted to watch for movie night (yes, we are those mean parents who only let their kid watch one movie a week, Give me a break, she's two!). She immediately said Frozen in her adorable toddler lisp. This was a new thing. She had never asked for a movie by name before, she would say fishie or froggie or princess and we would dig out the kid friendly movies that met her criteria and let her choose out of those options. So I was a little excited by this milestone. We watched the movie and she seemed no more into it than she was the last time we watched it. If anything, she loved Up and Finding Nemo​ way more.
Then, the next morning, she was playing in her room and started singing. Now, toddler singing is pretty much indecipherable, but still pretty darn cute, so I stopped what I was doing to see if I could figure out what song she was singing. Pretty soon, three words became clear: 'Let It Go'. If you are unfamiliar with the music of Frozen, ' Let It Go' is the big song. Queen Elsa sings it, she wears a pretty dress, it won the Oscar and is now everywhere. Its a good song and I found it adorable that my child was singing it. I even texted my husband about it.
Fast forward a month and the Frozen dalliance has turned into a full blown obsession for the child. We finally broke down and bought the CD after she spent our whole day trip to the beach singing, you guessed it, 'Let It Go'. We were just hoping she would learn another song! And learn another song she did. We now know almost every song on that soundtrack (its been a week since we bought it) and I wake up in the middle of the night at least every other day with one of the songs stuck in my head.
I shouldn't complain. I knew it would happen at some point. Kids get really attached to a movie and want to watch it over and over again. With my oldest nephew, it was Finding Nemo​. When my youngest niece was three, all she wanted to watch was Wall-e, to the point where we hid our copy every time she came over because we were so tired of that stupid (and adorable) robot! I guess I just thought we had escaped this particular movie obsession.
Now we're going to Frozen themed birthday parties and buying Princess Ana pajamas (Elsa is still too high in demand and therefore more difficult to find). She will only let me brush her teeth if she can wear a tiara, because princesses have clean teeth (I am okay with this one and often wear one as well). And now there is going to be a Frozen ride at Disney World! At least she's still too young to know where that is so we should be safe from her demanding to be taken there for a year or so right?
Is anyone else dealing with a Frozen obsession? What other movies have you or your kids been obsessed with?
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