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Cyndi Lauper Thanks Supreme Court for Gay Marriage Ruling

Cyndi Lauper is a big fan of the Supremes -- the Supreme Court, that is. She's just issued a passionate thanks to the high court for striking down two statutes that stood in the way of gay marriage being recognized.

Cyndi, long an icon in the gay community, issued a statement saying, "History has been made today and justice has prevailed. To all of you who have been waiting on the sidelines for years, for lifetimes, it's a huge day. I am so, so happy for you. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of loving and committed gay couples and the so-called Defense of Marriage Act has been ruled unconstitutional. Not only that, but California's Proposition 8 was struck down, restoring marriage equality to the state of California. Both of these decisions not only impact the lives of gay couples, but of gay and transgender youth who struggle to find acceptance from their family and friends. Every step closer we get to equality ensures that these kids have the futures that they deserve and are entitled to."

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