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Backstreet Boys Make a Movie

If you liked the Backstreet Boys' cameo in the hit comedy This Is the End, you'll love their next project -- a full-length documentary about their comeback.

The no-longer-boyish band will mark their 20th anniversary with a feature film that will hit theaters early next year. A.J McLean tells The Daily Beast,  "We’ve been filming over a year. It was originally going to give you a 'making of the record' type of vibe, but we managed to push the envelope and give it a lot more depth."

He continues, "We did hometown trips for each of the guys to where we grew up. Besides Kevin and Brian, who are cousins, we hadn’t seen where each other came from. It was humbling and there were some tears shed."

The Backstreet Boys are currently on a summer tour. They have shows this weekend in Great Britain, followed by a month's worth of dates in the U.S. and Canada.

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