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Neil Diamond to Debut New Music July 4th

Neil Diamond says debuting his newly written "Freedom Song" July 4th in Washington, D.C. is "going to be very moving; it's the right place to introduce this idea in a song."

According to Rolling Stone, Baseball commissioner Bud Selig asked if Diamond's first performance could be at the holiday game between the Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers. Diamond agreed -- all he asked was for each of the 30 teams to send him a signed ball.

He explains, "Baseball is our national game, and it unites us and anything that unites us is something that I want to be part of." Patriotism and unity are what Neil emphasizes in the song. "It's written to involve everybody who hears it and help them understand that freedom is what unites us and our spirit is what will keep us going through tough times and such. It's worked that way for over 200 years and it's gonna continue to work that way."

Diamond has spent much of the last year writing for his next album -- so this "is a really a little sidestep. It's to a whole other purpose and it forced me to lift my head up out of the hole that I've been in writing, look around a little bit and see what the world is like."

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