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Tom Cruise Gives Surprise Commencement Speech

Tom Cruise stunned a group of acting students Sunday when he gave an unexpected commencement speech at their school.

The star showed up "undetected" at the graduation ceremony at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica, California, according to the New York Post, and gave what one student said was "one of the most inspiring speeches" they've ever had. 

Cruise advised the aspiring actors not to be divas (don't hide in the trailer), to learn everything by talking to everyone on a movie set and to be prepared. He recalled how he feared losing his first starring role, in 1981's Taps, when he shaved his head for the role and the director freaked out.

Tom "seemed authentic," said one eyewitness. His cousin, actor William Mapother, is a graduate of the school.

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