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Dog the Bounty Hunter's Wife Wanted By Police

Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife Beth Chapman make their living chasing down fugitives. Now they are fugitives.

Police in Colorado have issued an arrest warrant for Beth after she allegedly berated a teenager while on a fishing trip. According to TMZ, Beth and Dog were "fishing at a lake earlier this month when a car roared by, which didn't sit well with the famous couple and their kids." Beth then called the teen passenger a "tramp, a whore and a slut, among other choice words."

Beth eventually called 911, claiming that someone in the car was carrying a gun with his hand on the grip. But by the time cops arrived, she and her family had left. The teen filed a criminal harassment complaint, because under Colorado law, if you taunt, challenge or use "coarse language" against someone, it's a crime.

Sorry, fans -- Dog won't get the chance to hunt down his own wife. The gossip blog says Beth has already arranged to turn herself in and accept the summons to appear in court.

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