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Amanda Bynes Conservatorship Denied For Now

The crazy can continue, at least for a little while. A judge in California has denied a petition from Amanda Bynes's parents to grant them a conservatorship over her affairs.

The judge in the case said that he needs more information before granting a temporary conservatorship, even though Amanda's parents said:

  • That she blew through $1.2 million in a very short amount of time.
  • That she made two $100,000 withdrawals within a month and can't account for the money -- though they believe she spent it on drugs.
  • That they believe her to be homeless. 
  • That she's paranoid to the point of covering smoke detectors with towels because she's worried about hidden cameras.
  • That she once told them she'd "cabbed it" from New York to L.A. to visit them.

Meanwhile, as we've reported, Amanda isn't homeless at least for the next two weeks -- her doctors have gotten the judge to extend her psychiatric hold. They believe she's schizophrenic.

Another hearing about the conservatorship petition is scheduled for August 9th.

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