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Lady Gaga Urges Fans to Be Nice to Perez Hilton, Despite Twitter Feud

Lady Gaga may be in a war of words with gossip-monger Perez Hilton, but she doesn't want her fans getting too nasty with him.

The two divas have been slugging it out on Twitter over the past few days, with Perez calling Gaga "over" and the Mother Monster accusing him of stalking her. Some of Gaga's followers have gotten in on the act, flooding Hilton with unprintable messages -- which Gaga, who has come out strongly against bullying, does not condone.

She logged onto her Little Monsters site to say, “While it may be difficult at times to hear the things that people say and write about me, sending threats of any kind, using hateful or abusive language, and the provoking of others on the Internet is not supported by me or anything that I stand for."

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