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Linda Ronstadt Says Her Health Isn't Good

Linda Ronstadt says health issues are limiting her life these days. The onetime rock diva, whose memoir Simple Dreams goes on sale September 17th, tells Examiner.com, "If a social situation comes up that demands more than [I wear] a hoodie and a pair of sneakers, I turn it down — unless it’s something really major. It’s not important to me at my age — and I’m not in good health and I don’t like to travel." 

While not being specific, Ronstadt admitted she's had to "curtail [her] activities. It's not easy."

As for the book, Ronstadt says, "It’s not a personal book. Not a kiss-and-tell, or boyfriends--just about the music. [The publisher] wanted it to be longer, but I made it very clear — and even if it had been about the other stuff, there wasn’t that much supply: I haven’t led a wild life, but a fairly quiet life — even in the middle of everything. Did I try drugs? You bet I did! But I never liked it — and I can’t drink a teaspoon of alcohol!" 

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