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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Go Platinum

The Macklemore and Ryan Lewis album The Heist was certified platinum yesterday by the Recording industry Association of America, marking sales exceeding one million copies.
The duo, plus manager Zach Quillen, were interviewed at the Grammy Museum in L.A. last night. While they didn't comment directly on going platinum, Macklemore did talk about what he thinks got him there. He credited his ability "to be honest, to be vulnerable, to expose the truth in my own life. I've used vulnerability as a tool, as a weapon, and it has created a niche for me."
He pointed to the line in "Same Love," "when I was in the third grade I thought that I was gay" as the "scariest" words for him to put into any of his songs. "I wrote that because that's my story," he said. "I could care less about people calling me names [for doing it] or throwing it back in my face."
Macklemore also said that he got "goose bumps" flying The Heist flag from the top of the Space Needle in his hometown of Seattle at the close of the "Can't Hold Us" video. He said he's worked half his life "to put my city on the map," and said his ambition is to be the biggest rapper that ever came out of Seattle."

While he would like to pass the torch on to other local rappers, he admitted that, "As an MC, by nature, I am a competitive person. I want to give them a platform, but I don't want to give them too big a platform. They have to take it themselves."

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