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Mike Tyson Talks About Alcoholism on 'Today'

Mike Tyson sat down with Today's Matt Lauer this morning (Wednesday) in his first public appearance since he admitted that he's an alcoholic.

Tyson said he's been sober for 12 days, but that it's a struggle. He told Lauer, "It's a real challenge because...I don't know if I like this sober guy. It's hard for me to live normal. Straight is hard. Livin' straight life is hard... I won't survive if I don't get help."

He also expanded on his statement last week that he's had suicidal thoughts.

Tyson has been in the midst of a career renaissance that began with his cameo in The Hangover. He has a successful one-man show on Broadway, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, his new Fox Sports 1 show Being Mike Tyson is set to debut next month, and his autobiography of the same name is set for publication in November.

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