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Paul McCartney Responds To 50 Year Old Beatles Fan Mail

Here's a classic "better late than never" story. Two teenage Beatles fans who mailed a tape with "funny voices" mixed with comedy clips to the Fab Four in 1963 finally got a reply fromPaul McCartney -- 50 years after they'd sent it.

Barbara Bezant and Lyn Jeffries were living in South London when the Beatles did their 1963 Christmas shows. They hoped the unique tape might capture the boys' attention and land them some tickets. Unfortunately, it was never delivered to the theater -- and was presumed lost until it recently popped up at a flea market still in its original envelope.

After being discovered, the tape was sent to McCartney. He sent a reply to the BBC, which invited Barbara and Lynn to its talk show One, where they were reunited after falling out of touch. Even better, they received a golden envelope containing Paul's reply: "Hi Lyn and Barbara, thanks for your lovely tape. It finally got through -- better late than never. Great to hear that you found each other again after all these years. Keep enjoying the music. Love, Paul."

The One broadcast with Barbara, Lyn and Paul's reply will air in Britain on Wednesday.

Source: Express (U.K.)

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