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Eminem's Childhood Home For Sale For $1

How bad are things in Detroit? Bad enough that you can buy Eminem's childhood home for just $1.

The house, which is pictured on the cover of The Marshall Mathers LP, is in pretty sorry shape, with most of its interior gutted and some serious damage to the exterior. The Michigan Land Bank, which owns the property, tried to get 500 bucks for it last year, but couldn't convince anyone to take a chance on it at that price.

Rhonda Brown, who owns two houses on that block, tells the Detroit Free Press that she'd like to see Slim Shady buy and renovate the property for a needy person. She says, “My little coins, I put together and try to give back. Why [can’t] millionaires...do that? One or two of us is not going to work. We need a load full of people who still have passion, still have love for Detroit.”

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