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Family Feud Over Ailing Casey Kasem

A family feud was brewing outside Casey Kasem's Beverly Hills mansion today (Tuesday).

According to TMZ, the legendary DJ's children tried to visit their father -- who is said to be in "dire condition" with advanced Parkinson's -- but they were blocked from entering his home by their stepmother, Casey's wife Jean. The gossip blog says Casey's kids have been trying to make contact with their 81-year-old dad for three months, to no avail.

The kids, along with a group of friends, family and former co-workers of Casey, protested outside the house, holding signs that read, "Jean, why won't you let me see my dad?"

Kerri Kasem, Casey's oldest daughter, tells TMZ it's not about money. They have all been excluded from Casey's will and they've known that for a long time. She says she just wants to send a message to her dad: "Your children are here for you. We have not abandoned you."

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