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Cher Slams Her Las Vegas Audiences

Cher has ripped the fans that came to her shows during her three-year Las Vegas residency.

Various reports quote Cher, during an appearance on British TV's Graham Norton Show, calling the audiences "very, very old, often sedated, [who] didn’t seem [to be] into the music at all. I knew I had to go ahead and put my feelings aside. It was difficult. The audience was not allowed to stand up, and sometimes they had walkers and oxygen masks."

Robin Leach takes issue with Cher's comments in his Las Vegas Sun column. He contends, "It has people up in arms because it wasn’t true. I saw her show [at Caesars] three times, and not once did I see what she described. In fact, her audience was young and middle-age fans, and predominantly gay men."

A staunch advocate for his adopted hometown, Leach gets in a final shot: "Why is she bothering to return here for a May 25th show at MGM Grand if she dislikes Las Vegas audiences? This was a cheap and unnecessary shot on a talk show overseas, but it has traveled here to bite her in her often-exposed butt."

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