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Vanessa Carlton Cancels Shows After Health Woes

Vanessa Carlton has canceled a number of shows after undergoing emergency surgery following pregnancy complications.

She went onto her Facebook page yesterday to detail the health scare, which started when she was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy -- meaning a fetus was developing in a place where it could not come to term. She then suffered internal bleeding from a ruptured fallopian tube, and a week after that, developed a serious infection that required more hospital time.

She writes, "I need to stay close to my doctors and the hospital in case this initial pain turns into something more serious. I'm so bummed about having to jank up this tour. It started off pretty great. My favorite even. Gimme a couple more days, I'll be ready."

Barring further complications, Carlton's tour will resume in San Francisco on November 13th. She's set February makeup dates for postponed shows in Alexandria, Virginia; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Atlanta.

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