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Tom Cruise On the Attack in Tabloid Suit

Tom Cruise's lawsuit against those two tabloids is about to get a lot more fun.

Earlier this morning, TMZ reported that Tom, in his deposition, admitted that Scientology was the cause of his breakup with Katie Holmes. He also acknowledged that their daughter Suri is not part of the Church -- two things that undoubtedly will ruffle a few feathers over at Scientology headquarters.

But now Tom's taking off the kid gloves. His publicist is accusing Katie of working directly with the tabloids to drag his name through the mud. TMZ has gotten its hands on a series of E-mails his rep sent to his lawyers. Some of the juicy accusations:

  • Katie's publicist and makeup people feed information to the tabloids.
  • Someone -- presumably Katie's rep -- is the one who characterizes Tom as spoiling Suri and Katie as the disciplinarian.
  • Katie's publicist, Leslie Sloane, calls the paparazzi whenever Katie and Suri are about to leave their apartment -- presumably so it looks like Suri spends a lot more time with her mother than with her father.

The E-mails are part of the lawsuit, in which Tom is seeking $50 million from the publishers of Life and Style for running stories saying he abandoned Suri after the divorce.

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