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Andy Kaufman Daughter, Fake Death a Hoax...Probably

If you were hoping Andy Kaufman is still alive, prepare to be disappointed. It's looking like his brother perpetrated a hoax.

It began at Monday night's Andy Kaufman Awards, at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, whereMichael Kaufman read a letter allegedly written by his brother that said Andy is alive and living with a woman with whom he raised a daughter. That alleged daughter was then brought up on stage, where she announced that Andy had faked his death in 1984.

But now it's been revealed that the young woman is an actress named Alexandra Tatarsky, whose actual father is a Manhattan doctor. And Michael is backpedaling on the claim, telling the Hollywood Reporter, "I think I've been misquoted, OK? I never came out with, 'He's alive.' I'm as skeptical as anybody else."

Source: The Smoking Gun

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