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Justin Bieber On the Hook For Monkey Money

Justin Bieber's monkey tale isn't done just yet -- he still has to pony up $11,000 to German officials who cared for the critter after he abandoned it.

German authorities seized the baby monkey when the Bieb tried to smuggle it into the country illegally, then cared for it until Bieber officially relinquished his claim to it. The first agency to care for three-month-old Mally billed Bieber about $1500 back in July, which he never paid -- and now they say he owes another ten grand for vet bills and other fees.

Attorney Ellen Friedrichs tells the Huffington Post, "Mr. Bieber should be informed about his payment obligations by now, [so] we hope that he takes his responsibility and settles the costs he has caused to the public, just like anybody else would have to do. The payment might have to be enforced when he enters Germany again.”

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