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Alec Baldwin Mixes It Up With Paparazzi Again

For someone who just won a big court case yesterday (Thursday), Alec Baldwin isn't in a very good mood. He's had two run-ins this morning in New York, and the day's still young.

First, Alec got into it with a local news reporter. He was walking back to his apartment when the reporter tried to ask him a question about the stalking case. His response: "If you're still here when my wife and kid come out, you're going to have a big problem, you know that don't ya?... "You are as dumb as you look. You are with FOX, right?"

Minutes later, he shoved a paparazzo who was trying to get a shot of him leaving the apartment building. Footage from someone cell phone shows Alec pushing the guy into a car, and then knocking the shutterbug's camera to the ground. As the confrontation came to an end, he yelled, "You take a walk ... you don't wanna get hurt, do ya?"

Alec's rampage actually began yesterday, when he shouted a homophobic slur at another photographer.

Source: TMZ

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