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Justin Bieber Wearing Out His International Welcome

Add Mexico and Australia to the list of places where Justin Bieber has worn out his welcome.

The Bieb got smacked down by Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto, whose office sent out a tweet insisting he'd never met the pop star, shortly after Justin tweeted, "Just met some amazing Mexican Beliebers and the presidente of Mexico and his familia."

Things aren't looking a lot better Down Under, where fans seem to be abandoning the Bieber bandwagon in droves -- tickets for his tour there aren't selling at all. According to the Huffington Post, scalpers are having a hard time unloading seats, even the ones that are selling for half the original face value.

A ticket broker in Australia blames Justin's recent bad behavior for the plunge in the Bieb market, since sales have gone down about 40 percent in the wake of stories about hookers, booze and weed use.

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