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Pink Named 'Billboard's Woman of the Year

MileyBritney and Gaga dominated the gossip pages, but Pink ruled the music world in 2013 -- according to Billboard, which just named her Woman of the Year.

The mag says that Pink "has almost been in a class by herself among women in music this year, with the top-selling album by a woman and top-selling song by a woman. She will undoubtedly continue to accomplish great milestones in the years to come."

Pink has no trouble putting things in perspective, saying, "It's like a culmination of a lifetime of work has all just settled this year -- everything has just been positive and enormous and wonderful. It just feels really awesome because I don't know what I'm going to do after this, if I'm going to do anything."

She's also approaching the honor as only a mother would. "I wish [my daughter] was 14 to see me like this. Unfortunately she won't be old enough to remember I was cool. 'Willow, look at this magazine! Who's on the cover?' 'Mom, that was so long ago.'

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