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Lindsay Lohan Fielding Offers to Write Memoir

Who wants to read all about Lindsay Lohan's life?

Well, as many as 10 publishers are betting that the answer to that question is lots of people, and Lohan is fielding offers in the seven-figure range to tell her story, E! News has exclusively learned.

Ideally a book about Lohan by Lohan would delve into all of the peaks and valleys of her career and personal life, and a source says that the 27-year-old actress does indeed plan on penning a "deeply personal memoir" utilizing the many journals she has kept over the years.

Which means that everything Lohan has been through over the years could be a literal chapter, including child and teen superstardom, addiction, rehab, jail, her love life, her family, etc.

Meanwhile, Lohan is still being filmed for an upcoming eight-part OWN docuseries about her past troubles and how she's moving on with her life and is probably going to be shooting that until around mid-January.

OWN's cameras have captured a few meetings with publishers, but Lohan is the one driving the project, the source says, adding, "She's a really good writer" and is actually planning on doing the leg work herself.

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