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Beyonce is 'Forbes' Biggest Winner

Forbes magazine has named Beyonce 2013's "Biggest Winner" in the music industry. Although 2013 was "supposed to be the Year of Gaga," the magazine says that Beyonce's "revolutionary" surprise album made her the big kahuna. 

A high-ranking industry source tells Forbes that Bey's release re-wrote the rules on how to drop a successful album. “The fact that nearly 900,000 customers were willing to pay full price to buy this album is testament to the passionate dedication of Beyonce’s legions of fans. Most artists have to pre-sell or hype albums by giving away singles on various websites, or streaming the album.”

While claiming that perhaps "five to 10" other stars could have pulled off such a move, Forbes says Beyonce deserves credit for actually doing it. "Having the gumption to take such a risk? That’s what it takes to run the world."

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