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No Memoir for Stevie Nicks

Don't look for a Stevie Nicks autobiography or bio-pic anytime soon.

The Fleetwood Mac singer tells Us magazine that she'd have to be "very, very old...old enough...that nobody's gonna care" before writing her memoirs or agreeing to a movie based on her life story. She says she wouldn't do it now, because it might embarrass the spouses of such onetime flames as Don Henley and Lindsey Buckingham. And she won't even consider changing anyone's name to prevent that from happening.

Stevie says, "I want to tell the real story of what happened with all these people and why they didn't work out and why I'm not married to one of them. I want to be truthful. I would never write a book about the bad parts. I would gently touch on them. I would mostly revel in the fantastic parts, of which there were so many."

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