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Duran Duran Fights Yogurt Company Over Song

Duran Duran have ended up in the middle of a bizarre skirmish involving a 30-year-old song, a yogurt commercial and a gruesome murder.

The makers of Yoplait yogurt decided to use the classic "Hungry Like the Wolf" in an ad for the product, but didn't bother asking the band's permission -- leading Simon LeBon and company to issue a cease-and-desist order. The band released a statement saying, "Duran Duran do not support this usage of their music... Had we known, under no circumstances would we have backed it."

Although Yoplait has pulled the ad, it had nothing to do with Duran-generated complaints. The catalyst was a Facebook campaign from those who remembered a three-decade-old murder case in which an Arizona woman named Diane Downs shot her three children -- killing one -- while listening to "Hungry Like the Wolf."

Yoplait issued a statement saying the company had no idea about the connection between the song and the case, and apologizing for any "disappointment."


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