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Cops Raid Justin Bieber's House After Egging Incident

Justin Bieber has nowhere to run -- since cops have just raided his house with a search warrant, and a battering ram to back it up!

Stuff got real for the Bieb this morning when 11 cars packed with L.A. Sheriff's personnel swarmed his mansion with a felony warrant, looking for evidence in the egging of his neighbor's house. Though they're looking for a link to the vandalism, which is a felony in its own right, the warrant extends to anything illegal -- including drugs.

And just in case Bieber and his pals are uncooperative, the officers have brought along a battering ram to knock down doors that might otherwise be locked.

Bieber's live-in sidekick Lil' Za has been arrested in the raid, for drug possession.

Source: TMZ

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