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Justin Bieber Suing Former Housekeeper

Justin Bieber is hoping to clean up -- by suing a former housekeeper for dishing dirt on him to the tabloids.

The Bieb is livid at Tatiana Voziouk, who worked at his L.A.-area mansion for about a year, about a tell-all interview with a British tabloid in which she said he could wind up dying young due to his hard-partying ways. Tatiana, who's considering her own lawsuit for unlawful firing, told the tab that Justin was "turning into a zombie" from excessive drug use -- and as you might guess, he's not happy about that.

A source in Justin's inner circle tells New York's Daily News, “This woman embellished a number of things in an effort to profiteer from. She is in breach of her non-disclosure agreement and has sold confidential information, so there is a case against her.”

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