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Sherri Shepherd Fighting Two Custody Battles

The View co-host Sherri Shepherd has some big problems with the men in her life as she's being attacked on two separate fronts. 

Her husband Lamar Sally filed for divorce and expressed his intention to fight for legal custody of their unborn baby who is due this summer via a surrogate. Shepherd then filed her own divorce documents. Now, Shepherd's ex-husband Jeff Tarpley is going after her over custody of their nine-year-old sonJeffrey Jr. Tarpley filed an emergency request to get full physical custody of their son. He claims that Shepherd's busy work schedule has caused her to neglect their son. He says Shepherd has failed to address the boy's special needs and as a result, he's struggling in school, suffering low self esteem and isn't able to properly care for himself -- specifically with hygiene. A judge has denied the emergency request but did set a hearing for this summer to settle the fight. Shepherd claims Tarpley has had no part in their son's life and should not have any any custody rights. (TMZ)

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