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Buffalo Bills Fans Boycotting Bon Jovi

The city of Buffalo has rolled out the unwelcome mat for Jon Bon Jovi -- thanks to a group of Buffalo Bills fans that wants to ban his band's music over rumors that he's considering buying and moving the team.

Bon Jovi has been linked to a Canadian investment group that's considering purchasing the NFL franchise, which would then be moved to Toronto. In response, the 12th Man Thunder Fan Club has asked local bars to create "Bon Jovi Free Zones" by removing the band's records from its jukeboxes and asking cover bands to skip its tunes.

Ryan Jagiello, owner of the popular Transit Bar, got on board, telling WGRZ, "It seemed like the right thing to do. I wasn't a Bon Jovi fan anyways to begin with, so it's really no big deal for me not to play his music in here. I've told these bands, no, don't even think about playing it. Just take it right off your set list. He can live on a prayer somewhere else."

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