Gabriela Fernandez is a true peppy, free-spirited soul blessed with the “gift of gab!” Growing up in Saint Helena, her teachers always told her that her mother named her right because of her very gregarious nature. Her bubbly, charismatic personality only grew with age and helped launch her into the exclusive Jazz Choir of Saint Helena. Through jazz, she was able to begin traveling the world, visiting countries like Spain and France. This is where Gabriela developed her passion for travel, culture, and food. After graduating from Saint Helena High,

Gabriela went on to Saint Mary’s College of California where she graduated with a Business Marketing degree. While at Saint Mary’s she immediately became involved in various outlets at the college, partaking in community events and service projects. Now working and living in Napa, Gabriela continues to be very involved.

Gabriela absolutely loves concerts, the arts, shoes, movies, the outdoors (hiking), and all things “sports.” Her adventurous spirit keeps her movin’ and groovin’ and searching for the next thing to dive into and explore. In January of 2018 she was presented with the opportunity to co-host a show for The Vine’s sister station, KVON. Although she had never done radio in her life, she was eager to jump at the opportunity and see where life would take her. She got her training wheels and she launched doing Weekends for KVYN’s 99.3 FM The Vine. Today, she is the weekdays Morning Show host delivering music, entertainment, and all things trending.