Where Are They Now: Drew Bledsoe making world-class wine in Walla Walla

When Drew Bledsoe was an NFL quarterback, he spent most of his time surveying the football field, waiting for the right receiver to break open and attempting the perfect pass. Today, Bledsoe spends his days surveying endless fields of grapes, waiting for them to ripen, and attempting to make the perfect bottle of wine at his family-owned winery, Doubleback. Though the jobs may be different, he says making wine gives him just as much joy and fulfillment as he got from playing professional football.

“The similarities between running a business and being the quarterback of a team show up all the time,” he said. “You have to plan and execute and get all the details right, you have to be adaptable, go through adversity and have a good team around you. It’s also really competitive.”

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