Wine Down Media’s Studios Host Popular Trending Artists To Tell Their #MusicIsLife Story and Perform Live!

Mandy Moore

Going on tour

& releasing “Silver Landings”

Brand new album after 10 years.

Dropping on March 6th

& coming to the Bay Area

May 4th!

The Vine caught up with Mandy on her drive into “This Is Us” set.


– Audio Interview –

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt

The pair prepare their second live record

To debut February 2020!

With the release of a song

& Live video for

“Mercy Me”

This brother-sister group deliver an insane performance. Get to know them with this live interview! 


– Audio Interview –

Eric Hutchinson

His new album “Class of 98”

is set to release April 17th

Catch his Class of 98 tour

Starting in February

& ending in July 2020!

Eric Performs amazingly showcasing what his new album is all about 


– Audio Interview –

The Dales

Their brand new EP released

January 10th called

“Easy Times”

Touring the U.S.

March – May 2020

Cracking you up with a hilarious interview & showcasing their awesome harmonies 



– Audio Interview –

Nahko & Medicine for the People

New Album

“Take Your Power Back”

Releasing May 15th

Touring August – November 2020!

Nahko performs amazingly providing soothing sounds & super chill vibes


– Audio Interview –

The Grahams

Listen to their

Recently released new single

“Kids Like Us”

& The new album

Coming March 27th

Rocking & rolling their way in studio, these two can JAM!


– Audio Interview –