Lincoln Theater Presents Swan Lake

Atlantic City Ballet Presents 

Swan Lake at Lincoln Theater

The Vine’s Good Morning, Bob! and Afternoons with Julie shows spoke to Atlantic City Ballet’s director, Phyllis Papa. Listen to them talk about Swan Lake’s story and performers.


Good Morning, Bob!  show interview:


Afternoons with Julie show interview:


Show Date:   Saturday, January 26, 2019

Show Time:   2pm and 7pm

Show Location:   Lincoln Theater at 100 California Drive in Yountville, CA

Show Description:   Swan Lake tells the story of enchanting love between a swan maiden and a prince, and their ensuing battle with an evil sorcerer. Atlantic City Ballet infuses their production with a passion that embodies all the beauty, strength, and grace of classical ballet, coupled with the timeless, majestic score by Tchaikovsky. Of all the great classics, Swan Lake remains the quintessential ballet of all time. A story of romance, sorcery and betrayal, and centered on one of life’s most recognizable themes – the struggle between good and evil – Swan Lake is a deeply moving ballet and speaks universally to audiences everywhere.

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