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There are reasons we all like to wake up to Good Morning Bob...he's one of the most charming, funny and original people you're ever likely to meet or hear on the radio.  Hailing from New Hampshire, he followed his dreams of being a surfer to sunny California and he quickly made those dreams a reality.  Ever the adventurous spirit, he's become known as "Adventure Bob" as well, due to his penchant for scaling walls, jumping out of planes, traversing white waters and of course, catching waves.  In his "spare time"  he plays bass for the extremely popular Bay Area surf band "The Deadlies", who among other things, can be seen and heard every Saturday night as the house band for TV 20's Creepy Kofy Movie Time. Combine Bob's easy way with people, his quick wit and his obvious 'gift of gab' and you've found yourself the perfect morning show host.

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Posts from October 2013
by Bob posted Oct 31 2013 9:03AM
Check out our sweet Adoptable Pet of the Week, Pasco!


This beautiful and friendly grey poodle mix has the softest fur and loves the all the attention in the studio this morning! He has a fantastic temperment, likes being held, is great at posing for the camera and would make the perfect companion pet! Click HERE to see other adoptable pets at the Napa County Animal Shelter!

by Bob posted Oct 29 2013 10:52AM
It's a pirate's life for me!

My first mate, the fair lass Mindi and I had a fantastic time at 1313 Main's Pirate Party! 
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by Bob posted Oct 26 2013 10:31PM
Deadlies Take Over The News!!!

Cali rocker gets Lynda's attention by going shirtless live on Eyewitness News!!!
Click link below for full 20 minute video:

Or hit play button to watch quickie 4 min video below!!!


Doing our rock and roll music thing!!!

by Bob posted Oct 18 2013 9:29AM
This morning Mike Mitchell, AKA "the BEST Jim Stafford impersonator on the planet", was filling in for Ira on the the Friday Sports Roundup! Hope nobody missed his rendition of Wild Wood Weed!

Good luck finding me this sunny weekend! Its gonna be highs in the 90's which means I'll be hitting the beach, lake or any large body of water I can jump into!
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by Bob posted Oct 17 2013 10:43AM
Check out our Adoptable Pets of the Week, Maddie and her pup, Nash!

This sweet and mellow pair had a wonderful time in the studio this morning sitting in our laps, giving kisses and getting lots of love while we discussed Halloween pet safety! Nash (left) and Maddie (right) would be great companion pets individually, or especially fun as a matching set! Click HERE to see other adoptable pets at the Napa County Animal Shelter!

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by Bob posted Oct 9 2013 8:41AM
That's right....I Heart Hump Day!

It's a chilly Wednesday morning in the Napa Valley folks! We are all bundled up in the studio, keeping the sick monster at bay...My LIVE ON AIR flu shot got rescheduled till Tuesday at 8:15, and I hope it's not too late! Even my intern came in wearing some kind of furry bear-hat-costume, and I fully approve! I have John Thill coming up NEXT with Napa County Library's "Making Books Rock"!

And looking to the end of the month, I am so totally stoked to be involved with the Uptown Theatre's HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR WEEKEND! October 25th + 26th are going to rock so hard! Friday, I will be hosting live music and a double showing of "Halloween 1 + 2"! And Saturday, my band The Deadlies and I will be playing in the HALLOWEEN BASH along with local bands The Rebobs, Deluna and more!!!
The Halloween Spooktacular Weekend!
The Halloween Spooktacular Weekend!


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by Bob posted Oct 7 2013 10:13AM

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Time to share some love and light!!!

I had a super hard rocking weekend with my band The Deadlies and jumped right into work on this beautiful Monday morning! I got to catch up with my favorite Napa Valley This Week calendar girls, Shauna and Margaux! They hook it up every week with music videos, audio clips and all the info I need to hit the hot LOCAL spots for live music and entertainment! This week is killer with shows from St. Helena to Vallejo!!! If you missed the show click HERE for the archives!

Check out my VIDEO PICK OF THE WEEK above! Volker Strifler - REDEMPTION !!!
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by Bob posted Oct 4 2013 10:01AM
It's warm, the wind is blowing off shore & Sunshine all day! I love Fall weather in Nor Cal!
Every Friday we have my friend Ira C. Smith in the house to do his special Sport's Round-Up segment! My intern decided to create some PANORAMONIUM in the studio with her panoramic camera, so enjoy the special behind the scenes photos!

This weekend is action packed! Tonight Tainted Love is gonna shake-up the Uptown Theatre with some fantastic 80's cover-love! Tomorrow I film the last 3 episodes of Creepy KOFY season 9 in San Francisco with my band The Deadlies, and Sunday Rock n Roll goddess Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks) is going to personally serenade me with "Not Ready to Make Nice" at her Uptown show! I am a blessed man!!!

After all that craziness I'll be back on Monday to tell my www.NapaValleyThisWeek.com calendar girls Shauna & Margaux all about it! And I'll be getting my 2nd ever flu shot live on air! Somebody please hold my hand... And enjoy the Video!!!


by Bob posted Oct 3 2013 9:22AM
Check out our sweet Adoptable Pet of the Week, Dreamer!
This beautiful and mellow four-year-old pit mix loves treats and cuddles in the studio this morning while we discuss bay area animal events! Also, kittens are still available! Adopt one and get the second half off! Two friends are better than one! Click HERE to see other adoptable pets at the Napa County Animal Shelter

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by Bob posted Oct 1 2013 9:45AM
Wow! Was it chilly this morning or just me? Fall is officially here for me! Time to break out the space heater...

This Autumn week we have some great guests and features for you including:

Wed. Making Books Rock -John Thill of the Napa County Library
Thurs. Healthy Communities - Dr. Banks
Thurs. Adoptable Pet of the Week - Napa County Animal Shelter
Fri. Good Morning Bob Roadshow!!! Where will I be?
Fri. Sports Roundup - Ira C. Smith

Our very own Urban Psychic Marlene Caldes is off this week divining the future and will return next week! Peace out!
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