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I picked up the nickname "Sharpie" years ago when I worked at KISW in Seattle, Wa. Afternoon DJ Gary Crow was a fan of the TV show "CPO Sharkey". My last name was Sharp, so Gary dubbed me CPO Sharpie and finally just Sharpie. It stuck. 

When I am not acting as General Manager of KVYN/KVON I do the Napa Valley News. I try to give you a quick update every hour during weekdays about what is going on in the Napa Valley. If you have news you would like to share, please email me at larry@winecountrybroadcasting.com

Posts from July 2013
by Sharpie posted Jul 17 2013 11:45AM
Well, the news surrounding Bottlerock's woes has been disconcerting at best. How unfortunate that what was by all accounts a really great event (because they hired the right people to pull it off) is sullied by what appears to be non-existent bookkeeping. Worse, the reaction of the principles is to point fingers and blame others. What a mess. 

The name and event that was Bottlerock could still be saved if a respectable organization like Livenation or Another Planet came in and took over. I don't see how the current organizers will ever be able to get anyone to work for or with them again. Let's hope they do the right thing and let someone who knows what they are doing take over the event. 

We'll be here to help if they do!
by Sharpie posted Jul 8 2013 12:27PM
I thought this year's 4th of July Parade and subsequent celebration downtown was one of the best ever. I drove the KVYN/KVON van in the parade, just ahead of our historic figure, Ira C. Smith. It was wonderful to see so many warm, happy faces looking back and waving. 

It is a testament to the quality of our town that so many people would turn up for a simple parade. Congratulations to all who were in the parade and particularly to Doris Gentry whose energy keeps making this parage better every year. Thanks also to the Sunrise Rotary Club for supporting the event. 

Most of all thank you for supporting our city's events and for listening to our radio stations!
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