LIve to Eat or Eat to Live?


My Dad always used to ask me, “do you live to eat, or eat to live?”  There was never any hesitation in my answer, live to eat of course!!  Lucky for me, and all of us locals, we live in a bastion of food bounty.  The Napa Valley is ripe with fabulous restaurants, from the fanciest (French Laundry) to the hole in the wall (Val’s).  In addition to loving to go out to eat, I love to cook! This skill has developed in the last few years and was largely inspired by none other than Rachael Ray, who really did convince me that anyone can cook. She was right.  Not saying I’m up there with Thomas Keller or anything, but I can put together a mean steak dinner, complete with my own recipe for a blue cheese reduction.  Of course, being the vain woman that I am…all that luxurious food does a number on the figure – that’s where all the early morning trips to the gym comes in!  Necessary evil.