Perfect Simple Day

One of my favorite features of Facebook has become the “Memories” section and I’ve found so much joy in looking back at great days of the past that I’ve been thinking more and more about what would constitute the perfect day. So many things come to mind…man, my list is long – travel, a concert, the girlfriend’s weekend that was supposed to happen last February and didn’t because life got in the way (oops-who knew?), time spent with my husband and daughters would be high up there as well (although there certainly hasn’t been a lack of that this past year). Usually when I start musing about my perfect day start to finish it begins to evolve into some great adventure with laid out and intricate plans, everything non-ordinary and including everyone I know.

And, then, this morning a post I had made on this day in 2018 popped up and I instantly smiled at the memory. The first sentence was “One of those truly great start to finish days that was in no way lost on me” and I remember being acutely aware of my bliss throughout the day.

It was a gorgeous sunny, February day like we sometimes are fortunate to get here in California and I drove to Marin with the sunroof open for the first time in ages with the radio on and my coffee in the cup holder. I met up with my sister and then three-year-old niece who I hadn’t seen since Christmas. We had lunch and conversation and wandering and laughter and reconnection.

Started to drive home and found myself stuck in horrible traffic on Hwy 37 when I remembered there was a book reading event at Book Passage in Corte Madera I wanted to go to that night I had completely forgot about. Called home and was told by my husband, “Turn around and go. I got things here tonight.” I did a little shopping to kill time , found a lipstick I LOVE and the bargain to end all bargains in a super cute purse ($198 marked down to $39! What?!?).

Finished the evening making new friends while I waited for it to start, listening to Matt Nathanson (one of my favorite singer/songwriters) play/sing in a small bookstore (!) and one of my all-time favorite authors (Kelly Corrigan) read from her new book. I drove home feeling so content. No big travel plans, spent a good chunk of the time in my own company, ok fine there was some live music, but it was just one of those fairly simple days I was happy to have been able to call mine. Oh! And I came home to the kitchen already clean… 🙂

I’d love to hear about one of your favorites.

About Robin Bright

Northern California born and bred, Robin grew up in the South Bay where she lived until attending University of the Pacific and getting her teaching credential. She then moved back to the South Bay where she lived until moving up to Napa in 1999. She began her career teaching third grade in Cupertino in 1995 and had spent her years teaching Kindergarten through third grade and being a full-time mom until meeting the owners of the station, Will and Julissa Marcencia, who asked her if she might be interested in a new chapter. Being a HUGE music lover, having always been a “raised on the radio” kind of girl, and being in between teaching jobs, she jumped at the opportunity to try something new. A little mid-life reinvention never hurt anyone, right? She has loved being the Sales and Traffic Lead for Wine Down Media since the fall of 2019 and taking on being an on-air personality since the summer of 2020! You can still find her occasionally substitute teaching in the Valley because it’s a hard passion to quit.

You can probably find her playing with her 2 dogs, hanging out with her husband and 2 girls (teenagers now!), laughing with her girlfriends, wishing she were at the ocean, lake, or mountains, listening to most any and all music (but especially Bruce Springsteen), volunteering in the schools or community, singing loudly and poorly in her car, traveling near and far, enjoying a nice glass of Napa’s finest or an ice-cold beer, cheering on The Giants, watching old Audrey Hepburn movies, music documentaries, or HGTV, cruising around town on her groovy red scooter, and attending most any event her town and community put on.

The fact that she gets to talk on the radio for a living, still blows her mind.

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